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My name is Salvador José Suárez Martín.


I have been drawing and painting always, at least since I can remember myself. I draw not only to enjoy trying to create art, for me art is also a way of understanding, concentration and even relaxation. I have always believed that creativity is a natural human need, be it writing, painting, cooking or modifying the habitual system of carrying out a daily task.


I was born in Gran Canaria (Spain) on 11/07/1976.


I am a Communication Graduate and I have been artist, illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer in advertising and product development for years, among other things.


The artworks that you can see on this website are a small selection of the drawings and paintings made during recent years with different techniques (oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink, pencil, pastel, computer…),different surfaces (paper, canvas, tables, …) and in different styles (realism, impessionism, surrealism, mysticism, abstract art, contemporary art, decorative art).


In addition, under a pseudonym and together with my brother, we have published four books of short stories, for which I was co-creator and illustrator.
I hope you will enjoy viewing my artworks at least a tenth of what I have enjoyed painting, drawing and sharing them with you.


Do not hesitate to send me your opinions or suggestions through the contact section.
Salvador José Suárez Martín
Question of time

Question of time

Still life with pepper

Still life with pepper

Trazos humanos

Morning flight


My artworks have been exhibited and have got positive feedback of the public and journalists which was one of the reasons that encouraged me to create this website.

These are some of personal and collective expositions in which I have participated during last years.

Participation in ART 3F Contemporary art exposition. Paris 2022 

Personal exposition. “Trazos Humanos”. Arucas (Gran Canaria) 2021.

Personal exposition. “Trazos Humanos”. Telde (Gran Canaria) 2021.

Personal exposition. “Trazos Humanos”. Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife) 2019.

Personal exposition. “Trazos Humanos”. Arrecife (Lanzarote) 2019.

Participation in collective exhibition Eutheromania. Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife) 2019.

Personal exposition. “Trazos Humanos”. Santa Brigida (Gran Canaria) 2019

Participation in collective exhibition Recrearte (oil paintings). Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife) 2019.

Participation in collective exhibition Recrearte (oil paintings). Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife) 2016.

Trazos Humanos (Human Traces)

The selection of «Trazos Humanos (Human Traces) ; is made up of works in different techniques, mainly ink and watercolor, but also others such as graphite, pastel and even coffee or wine, almost all on paper.


The common theme is the human body and unique impresión which is imprinted in memory. These works do not seek for details but rather momentary sensation that often completes the lack of accessory elements. Some of the works complement each other as the same way of looking at the same concept.


Works arise from numerous tests and trials to catch the same idea or image, works that after several versions gave results not perceived in the first version but that were obvious when finished. Synthesizing and highlighting in spots and quick strokes the details that in a planned and patient drawing would only have been part of an already existing whole, can even go unnoticed.


Making a comparison with a writing of a story, when we write we can decide to embellish a text a lot, recreating ourselves in the language, on other occasions we think why put more descriptions or adjectives if we have already said what we wanted to say, in a clear and concrete way… , other time it is almost a challenge to say as many things with as little as possible, or we can play with the reader letting them contribute part of the discourse or simply leaving them intrigued. All these ways of storytelling are also possible in painting and “Human traces” artworks are examples of the last approach.


Why human figures? For many reasons, …because it is an inexhaustible theme, always with options, a flexible theme where infinite ideas can be represented, because the viewer tends more to contribute and complete the image, because it helps us to understand a little more humanity and ourselves… I would even dare to say the work becomes something live when it’s not only the artist and his visión contribute, but also the person drawn, and the viewer, so it is a collective work, co-creation, and I have always liked team projects.

Realism / Impressionism – Oil and Acrylic

Paintings made in different artistic styles that we could try to fit between realistic art and impressionism, mainly in oil paint and acrylic paint on canvas but also ink, watercolor and other pictorial materials on paper.

Still life with pepper

Surrealism / Abstract Art – Oil and Acrylic

Paintings made in different artistic styles that we could try to fit between surrealism and abstract art, mainly oil and acrylic on canvas but also ink, watercolor and other materialson paper.

Cartoons & Posters

Illustrations for kids made as decoration of children´s rooms or for advertising purposes. Almost all made by hand and then painted on a computer.

Cartel Club Nautico


Works that are more difficult to classify by their themes. Among these, the series «Mundo Bicho» can be highlighted, by quantity, where people, habitual scenes and insects are mixed giving rise to completely new images.



I have also done numerous advertising designs, illustrations, mascots and logos for companies and organizations.


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